Weekly Under $100

This is a first of a new series I’ll be sharing each week of my favorite finds under $100. Personally, I like to splurge now and again on some nicer pieces on occasion, but for everyday wear, I like to keep it more low key. Especially now that I am in school, I don’t need to dress up every day. So, I’ve been going back to the basics and stocking up on a few comfy pieces.




First up, and I recently shared this on Instagram, is this cozy striped number. I love it because A) it’s under $50 and B) its super lightweight fleece. Oh, and C) it has that mock half-tuck built in for you already. Just in case you’re like me and can never quite get the tuck just right.




I also wanted to share two other current favorites under $100 that I’m loving right now. I wore this look back in South Carolina riding horses, but I just can’t get enough of these embroidered jeans. Plus, this light pink striped flannel is casual and comfy for everyday wear. I’ve been layering it underneath a vest for chillier days.


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