New Year, New Job?


For working professionals and recent college grads alike, the job market can seem like well… a black hole. As a December graduate of Northeastern University, I find myself swimming around in this total vacuum as I search (and pray and wish and hope) for my perfect (and well-paying!) dream job. Unfortunately, I’ve come to terms recently with the fact that this is not going to happen anytime soon – mostly because I’m not even quite sure what my dream job is. So, how could I expect it to just fall into my lap?

Starting in July and August, I began looking for full-time post graduate jobs, knowing that my imminent graduation was looming ahead (its bittersweet). It was easy for me to put off the search in the beginning, given that I had school work and leadership positions overwhelming my workload. But now that that is all over – my last finals and papers graded and returned, a mini vacation and some holiday down-time with the family – I’m totally just LOST!

Luckily, I have a part-time job at one of my former internships to carry me through at a company which I do love – such great people and a fun environment; however, the goal now is to find a job that pays my bills.

My goal is to start the new year fresh with a new job, full of opportunities for growth. After countless cover letters, resume revisions, phone and Skype interviews, and IRL interviews, my fingers are crossed that 2014 will meet me half-way. After all, “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” (Seneca, mid 1st century). Given my level of preparedness, all I’m hoping for is that one lucky opportunity.

Best of luck in the New Year to all those navigating the job market!


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