New Beginnings!

September 1st. Its a notorious moving day. Its both dreaded by city residents and eagerly awaited by those moving – and this Labor Day weekend, I will be facing the mobs of movers and moving too! The notion of moving is definitely quite bittersweet – I will be leaving my cute little starter apartment in a very convenient location on one of the quaintest streets in the heart of the city, but I’m beyond thrilled to upgrade to a bigger and better apartment in a quieter area. Moving can be daunting. Especially since I’ve been in my current apartment for the past two years, with a significant portion of that time being the last of my college years. Somehow I’ve managed to accumulate SO MUCH…stuff!! I’ve been doing my best over the past couple of weeks to start packing it and to organize it. The good thing is that I don’t have much furniture, and the few pieces I do have are so old that I’ll be getting rid of them anyway. I’ll have to order mostly new pieces, but having them shipped directly to the new place will make it all that much easier.

Now the fun begins – designing my new space! Here is a sample of what I am thinking of so far:

Bedroom Vision

Lately, I’ve been really drawn to the Serena & Lily bedding options. Here’s what I’ve chosen for the sample image above:

Monterey Duvet Cover & Sham // Diamond Quilt in Punch // Trellis Sheet Set in Shell // Ivy Letter Pillow // DUDERÖ Floor Lamp // Hopen Dresser

I’ve been wavering back and forth on whether or not to get a platform bed. I’ve never slept on one before and have always had a box spring with my mattress. I’ve read that the platform is supposed to take the place of the box spring, but something just doesn’t seem right about that. It seems that platform bed frames are the majority of what is available at furniture retailers these days. I’d love to get some more insight on the pros/cons of platform beds!

I’d also love to hear any moving tips!

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