Holiday Gifting For Those Hard-To-Shop-For Guys

Leigha Gardner's holiday gift guide for those hard-to-shop-for men in your life.


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Let’s face it – the guys are hard to shop for! You’re probably well into your holiday shopping at this point, but if you’ve got a boyfriend, husband, father, brother or coworker who you are totally stumped on, I’m here to help!

After thoughtfully consulting an important man in my life (i.e., my boyfriend) on his favorite tried-and-true products, we came up with a thorough list of things that he either uses daily or are currently on his wishlist this year.

To highlight a few…

For when cell phone batteries don’t last, this Nifty battery pack has come in so handy on many occasions.

These soft sole moccasins are the absolute most comfortable slippers. I used to steal his pair so often that a few years ago, he gave me my own pair. We like the soft soles because you feel light on your feet around the house compared to other, clunkier slippers. These are an affordable option and are sure to be well-loved and well-worn for years to come.

A good option for spending more quality time together is this board game set. It seems like everyone always has their heads down, immersed in whatever may be happening in the digital world, but it can be so nice to put the phones away for a few hours to just be present. Recently, my boyfriend and I visited this little tavern that had all kinds of board games to play. We had so much fun and played for hours! I can’t wait to continue the tradition going forward.


What are you gifting to the men in your life this year?


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