As much as I’ve been lusting for the warmer springtime weather, just last week I went to see the movie, Frozen. I’d been secretly wanting to see it all winter, and I finally took the plunge with my mom and sister. I wasn’t sure what to expect because – lets be real – none of the new Disney movies can beat the original princesses, right?! I was wrong. Disney, once again, had me laughing out loud, tearing up and smiling the whole way through. Its just a cute story about true love – and more specifically – sisterly love. I definitely felt even more of a connection to the storyline considering I went to see the movie with my own sister!


OH – And I just can’t get enough of Idina Menzel singing, “Let it Go,” the original song written for the movie. Personally, I was beyond thrilled when it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song this year!

I just may have to watch this again later in the week if Boston gets hit with another messy blizzard this Wednesday/Thursday! Will this winter ever end?