Two Essentials For Glowing Summer Skin


Long, sunny days by the pool, endless games of marco polo and bottomless bowls of fresh, seasonal fruit…that is how I remember summers from my childhood. Even though we all don’t necessarily get to spend every day of the summer like that anymore, I certainly savor those days when I can. This sounds bad, but for me, there’s no better feeling than the warm sun on cool, wet skin. I remember heading to the chilly New England beaches with my friends. We’d all head to the water right away, dunk under and then run straight back to our warm towels on the sand to be dried off by the hot sun. It was the best feeling, and none of us were too concerned about our skin. Sure, we’d put on sunscreen when we remembered, but it wasn’t really a priority. I could kick myself now, though…seriously, those fine lines that are already starting to show up around my eyes (Help! I’m only 25!), I blame on those careless days in the sun. What was I thinking?! I knew better!



Now that I’m older, and I’m quite certain this is definitely a sign of growing up, I focus almost everything I do, eat, and apply to my skin around taking care of my body. I want to feel good, and I want to look good. I mean, who doesn’t?! But even more importantly, I still want to feel and look great 20 years from now and even 50 years from now. That all starts with the habits I make a part of my life today.



What you put on your body, in terms of lotions and cosmetics, is just as important as what  you put in your body. I’m a firm believe in that “you are what your eat.” I know this to be true because I find my energy levels, the tone and complexion of my skin, and my overall mood have a direct correlation to my diet.

When my siblings and I were young, my mom always told us that we didn’t need to ask her if we could have a snack as long as it was fruit or vegetables. She always kept lots of freshly prepped fruit in the fridge, and we learned to love all kinds of fruit at an early age. I can remember having a bounty of blueberries on my cereal in the morning, an endless supply of watermelon by the pool, and fresh strawberries after dinner for dessert. My mom always brought home what was organic and what was in season.



These days I try to incorporate as many different fruits in my diet as I can. I try to buy whatever looks good and fresh at the grocery story, and while I do love to blend things up in a smoothie for easy digestion, there is nothing quite as awe inspiring as a beautiful fruit salad. All of those bright colors are the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs for vibrant skin. To avoid dullness after long days in the sun, opt for kiwis, which are rich in vitamin E and will help minimize scarring and sun damage. Choose pineapples for their high vitamin c content, and berries and pomegranate seeds for their cancer-fighting antioxidants.



In addition to what you put in your body, make sure to protect your skin from the sun on the outside as well. I wear a facial moisturizer with SPF every single day; however, in the summer time I generally upgrade from an SPF 15 to at least an SPF 30. I love Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration® Weightless Face Sunscreen that I first introduced in this post (if you pick up Hawaiian Tropic at Walgreens, you can earn free gift cards by using Shopkick). The weightless formula is perfect for incorporating into a daily summer skincare routine.



First of all, the fragrance is so indulgent (but definitely not overwhelming) that I look forward to awakening my senses with it after my shower each morning. It makes me feel like I’m headed to the beach, even if I’m just getting ready for a day at the office. The good news is that since the weather is warming up (kind of – who else is struggling with this non-spring here in Boston?), I know my face will be protected during outdoor lunches at the picnic tables in the sun or afternoon walks around the building to escape the air conditioning. Plus, it acts as a great base for applying everyday makeup.



Secondly, even though a summer “glow” looks amazing, tanned skin is really just damaged skin, and is therefore more prone to wrinkles. While I don’t avoid the sun altogether, I definitely make sure to pack one of these little bottles of Hawaiian Tropic for pool or beach days. It is such a breeze to reapply, and doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. Trust me, you’ll want to pamper yourself for a few minutes throughout the day to reapply and ensure your skin is protected.



Between eating healthy and applying sun protection every day, you will be showing off radiant skin all summer long.

How do you take care of your skin in the summer?
xo -L


I’m sharing Hawaiian Tropic in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™

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  1. dianemg
    May 31, 2017 / 9:43 am

    Leigha, so funny I was going to ask you about which product that was, and here it is. HINT: most sunscreen companies have coupons attached to their product now, $1, $2. You have to look in different stores though, and me being “frugal’, I will take a coupon, but then wait for sale to get double savings. I rarely buy anything not on sale.